Top Pool Cleaning & Maintaining Tips

Are you a pool owner? A clean pool is very important for several reasons. Pool cleaning is essential to avoid it becoming a grounds for unwanted insects and bacteria. However, many pool owners may not maintain their pools regularly to have it running at its best. Highlighted below are top pool cleaning & maintaining tips. Please contact Long Island pool company, Blue Ribbon Pools for your next cleaning and maintenance.

Pool cleaning tips

  • Use of a pool skimmer net

A pool skimmer net removes the most stubborn particles floating on the water. Pool skimmer nets are of two types;

Flat skimmer nets are used to remove some leaves floating on the water quickly. Then there is a bag skimmer used to collect more debris in the pool. The latter is preferred because it is more efficient. So every pool owner should have a skimmer net in their pool maintenance item list.

  • Filter maintenance

The filter is the thing you should check to see if dirt is entering the pool. It prevents the debris and leaves from entering the pool. It is recommended to check the filter regularly to ensure that it is not broken, it is blocked or has filled with debris.

Pool maintaining tips

Maintaining your pool requires the following;

  • Circulation of water

The inlet and outlet of the pool should be as effective as possible. Also, the pump should always be active. This helps prevent stagnation of the water, which may encourage mosquito breeding.

  • Cleaning

This procedure uses skimmer nets, vacuum cleaners, and brushes to scrub the bottom and walls of the pool.

  • Chemicals

Testing your pool water to check the pH and Chlorine balance should be done regularly. If the chemicals are not balanced, the pool may begin developing algae, leading to water discoloration. The testing should be weekly to avoid too much chlorine in your swimming pool, which can be dangerous.

Bottom line

The hygiene in your pool is not only for physical appearance, but it is also a pool health requirement. Take the step to reach out to pool cleaning experts, Blue Ribbon Pools for a consultation.