Regardless of March’s last day of snow, all pool owners are looking towards the late spring and summer days enjoying their personal oasis. The thoughts of time spent in sun-warmed water with our family and friends, erasing the winter nightmares still fresh in our minds. But before you slip into your swimsuit and blowing up the floats, you need to open the pool and deal with all the reminders of how bad the winter was.

The first issue that is evident is that due to the extreme amounts of snow and ice that we were gifted by Mother Nature, the covers of many pools have been weighed down and the problems from this are numerous. In some cases the cords tying down the covers have snapped or the anchors those chords were attached to have broken. In other cases, the covers have torn under the stress and overload. Regardless of either, the inside of the pool has been exposed to the elements and any of the residue that the elements carried with them. Leaves, twigs and other dirt that have gotten into the pool may have caused damage or discoloration to the lining of the pool. So along with removing the debris a strong cleaning of the pool interior may be required.

For in ground pools, the pools surrounds may have sustained damage due to the extreme elements. Tiles and paving stones may have cracked and discolored, requiring repair but more likely replacement. This is not only for aesthetic purposes but also for family health. Each cracked tile or area of grout is a potential home for mildew and other organic growths that could create health concerns for those walking around barefoot.

Another area that needs to be checked are any hoses and pipes that make up the motor, circulation and filtration system for the pool. As these are more than likely exposed to the elements with little protection, the possibility of damage is high. Older hose and pipes that may have begun to crack over years of use may be at the point of rupture as soon as they are used for the first time. Additionally, if the system was not properly prepped for winter and residual water was left in the system, the freezing of such water may have compromised previously healthy hoses and pipes.

While the examination and repair of pool systems as part of the spring opening, it is suggested that a reputable pool company with experience in opening pools and all that goes into this necessary spring activity be employed.