Whether it is commercial or residential, swimming pool safety should be everyone’s top priority and responsibility. More often than we would like, there is news of accidents happening around the pool even though kids (and grownups) knew how to swim. Accidents in the swimming pool can happen in an instant. So, be watchful all the time. Take some time to review and follow safety tips as part of routine maintenance of your pool. Below are some of the basics of pool safety:

To help reduce dangers of drowning surround the pool with a fence or enclosure. The barrier should be at least 4 ft. high so that it is not accessible to kids. The entry door should have self-closing feature, so that kids cannot easily open it.
Never allow children to be by themselves around the pool, even if they know how to swim, or have a floatation device. Accidents can occur without warning and there should be someone around to supervise when something happens. If you have guests at your home who don’t know how to swim then be around them as well. Don’t allow them to swim on their own.
If you have a pool cover, make sure that it fully covers the pool. Never allow anyone to walk over the cover.
Have safety devices and rescue equipment nearby. Floatation accessories, for example noodles, kick boards, floats, come in handy when someone in the pool needs something to grab on to.
Avoid the pool if you are too tired or if weather conditions are not up to mark (too hot, too cold, or if there is thunder and lightning warning). Water is a good conductor of electricity so get out of water immediately if there is a storm warning. If it turns out to be a strenuous activity then simply don’t go in the water.
Follow ‘No diving’ signs especially in commercial pools. Read safety rules posted in pool area.
Listen to the warnings of life guard.
Have a cordless phone around the pool, if possible.
Restrict eating around the pool. Avoid eating while inside the pool. Limit alcohol consumption. It is hard to be alert in emergency situations and it could be a cause of drowning.
Do a regular maintenance of your pool. Have a professional check for any leaks, cracks and water quality.
It is important to realize and follow pool safety tips. Go over safety rules with all children and guests. Sit back, relax and enjoy the pool side!