Pools, both above and below ground, offer so many advantages. They are the beacon for happiness, laughter, fun, and exercise. However, no matter what kind of pool you have, it is a known fact that pools come with quite a lot of maintenance and costs.

Historically, in-ground pools were constructed with cement or gahnite floors and walls. Fortunately for us, most pools are installed with vinyl liners, which offer countless benefits.

Benefits of Pick the Right Pool Liner

Colors – There are endless colors and patterns to choose from, so you can decide what color you want your water to look like. Unlike gahnite pools, which could only be one color, vinyl pool liners are manufactured in an amazing array of colors and patterns.
Comfort – Vinyl pool liners offer a soft, smooth surface with few, seams that are barely noticeable.
Safety – The smooth material lessens the likelihood of cuts and scrapes, while the sand structure behind the walls and floor, are less damaging on impact
Durable – Vinyl liners are extremely durable and can last 10-20 years
Form Fitting – Liners are perfect for any and every pool. Regardless of the size, shape, depth, or features, liners can be custom fitted.
Repair – Although vinyl is a relatively thick and durable material, sharp objects can cause the material to tear. However, this does not necessarily require a complete replacement. Overall, pool liners require only minor repairs, which are easy to fix and inexpensive, including silicone/vinyl glue and patches.
Maintenance – Pool liners require little cleaning maintenance, other than scrubbing mold or dirt lines, after a period of sitting, or ensuring no metal objects rust on the liner.
Liner Replacements – Although replacing a pool liner can be a hassle, expensive, and time-consuming, it isn’t an event that occurs often. In fact, pool liners usually only have to be fixed if there is a hole or tear that is too large to patch, if the material stretches out too much, or it wears thin. Otherwise, some pool owners have their liner replaced to give new life and value to their pool.
With over 20 years of industry experience, Long Island pool company, Blue Ribbon Pools has the master expertise and knowledge to offer, regarding any pool liner problem or question. We offer complete, turn-key installation services, as well as a wide array of options to choose from. In the event you need your pool liner fixed or if you are looking to increase the overall appearance and value of your pool/home by having a new liner installed, you can count on Blue Ribbon Pools and our expert technicians to take care of you.