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Pool Covers Long Island

You have a pool and you love the convenience of stepping out your back door for a refreshing swim after a long day. Or maybe you are having people over for a get together and the pool is the centerpiece of the fun. Either way, you want the pool looking beautiful and ready to go. But do you really want to spend an hour or so skimming leaves and twigs off the surface or vacuuming the bottom? So to ensure that this is the case, having a swimming pool cover is a necessity that makes maintaining the condition of your pool easy.

Blue Ribbon Pools offers all types of pool covers including automatic pool covers, safety covers, standard covers and water bag covers. Secure your swimming pool with a professional safety cover designed to protect your investment and your loved ones. Manufactured to accommodate steps, angles, odd shapes & obstructions such as water features Blue Ribbon Pools will help you choose the right cover for your application.

And it is not just cleanliness that requires a pool cover. To protect against anyone accidentally getting injured when your pool is closed or you are not around, having a cover that prevents accidental entry into the pool is a safety and insurance necessity as well. Blue Ribbon Pools is an authorized dealer / installer of both Loop-Loc and Merlin Safety Covers. Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) assures a perfect custom fit for any shape or size pool. Whether you reside in Nassau County or Suffolk County, Blue Ribbon Pools can help you keep your pool neat and safe for years to come!